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Frequent Ask Questions

What is a USJF Certified Coach

A USJF Certified Coach is a coach that has met all the requirements for the USJF certification program. The period of certification is two years. After which the coach must apply for re-certification.

What is the difference between a coach and a teacher

Coaches are teachers. In judo we think of coaches as someone who teaches and trains judo students for competition and “coaches” their students at a tournament. We think of teaching as the methodology or pedagogy at a judo dojo or club. USJF offers Assistant Teacher and Teacher Certification.

Do I need a certification to coach?

Yes. You are required to have valid coach credentials to coach at a tournament.

What certifications are available to me?

The USJF Coach certification program two has levels. National Coach and National Elite Coach.  Upon initial certifications you are a USJF National Coach and on re-certification, which requires additional study, you become an National Elite Coach.

What do I learn to become a USJF National Coach?

USJF National Coaches learn:  What is it to be a USJF judo coach.  Communicate with your athlete.  Strategy vs. Tactics. Tools for Coaching and Risk Management.

Do I need a valid USJF membership to be a USJF certified coach?

Yes. You must have current USJF membership to be a USJF certified coach.

How do I become a USJF National Elite Certified Coach

To renew your USJF coach certification, you are required to study additional coaching topics.

Upon completion of study and passed the online tests, you will become a USJF National Elite Coach.

Do I need to be a USJA or USA Judo coach in order to coach in tournaments with their sanction.

Depends on the local tournament requirements by the tournament director. Always read the information sheet included the tournament application. At State and National level tournaments, coach certification is required.

    Is my coach certification still valid if my background, Safesport or Headsup expire prior to the coach expiry date.

    Your background check, SafeSport and Heads Up Concussion certificates must be current. Be sure to send your current certificates to USJF National Office.

      Do I need to hold a credential in First Aid?

      No, but we strongly encourage taking training course in First aid/CPR.

        I want to video my students performance from the coach chair, Is this allowed.

        No, coaches are not allowed to video from the coach’s chair. You will be asked once to stop videoing from the coach’s chair. A  second warning may include being removed from coaching.

          Do I have to be seated while I am coaching?

          Yes. Standing up during a match from the coach’s chair may cause you to be removed from coaching.

            While coaching my player, I see that the referee has missed a score by my player, can I let the referee know?

            Being a coach requires the understanding and faith that referees know what they are doing and that there are several steps in the entire process to make sure that the correct player wins and does so safely. 

            It is not appropriate to interrupt a match with comments from the mat edge. This behavior can cause the coach to be disciplined. If you have a major issue raise it with the senior referee at the referee table or the head referee for the tournament. If the “CARE” system is in use, you can signal you wish a video review by making a “box” outline in the air with your index fingers.

            Each tournament may be different, check with the referees before your students match regarding video reviews.

            Referees will not look at video taken by spectators.

              I have lost my USJF Coach Credential badge, can I get a replacement?

              Yes, if your Coach Certification is still valid. Contact Larry Tsutsui at drtsutsui@msn.com

                How long is my coaching certificate valid for?

                Your coach certification is valid for two years.

                  How much does it cost to recertify my coaching certification.

                  The cost for re–certification at the time of writing this FAQ is $75.00

                    Coach Certification Registration

                    To register for the certification, please be prepared to upload the following files:

                    • 2 Inch Head Shot for ID Badge
                    • USJF Safesport
                    • SafeSport Certificate: Emotional and Physical Misconduct
                    • SafeSport Certificate: Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
                    • SafeSport Certificate: Mandatory Reporting
                    • CDC Concussion Certificate
                    Coach Certification Test

                    Upon confirmation of Course Registration


                    • PAYMENT FOR CERTIFICATION COURSE: $100.00
                    Coach Certification Required Forms
                    • 2 Inch Head Shot for ID Badge
                    • USJF Safesport
                    • SafeSport Certificate: Emotional and Physical Misconduct
                    • SafeSport Certificate: Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
                    • SafeSport Certificate: Mandatory Reporting
                    • CDC Concussion Certificate
                    • Background Screen

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