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Re-certification Program


Coaching standards, certifications, and accountability have been buzzwords among policymakers for all the National Judo organizations for much of the past decade. Now, through the USJF Teachers Institute, we are attempting to improve the skills and knowledge of our current coach/teachers/instructors to meet these demands.

By re-certifying your USJF Coach Certification you automatically attain the USJF Elite Coach designation. Your commitment to excellence in coaching is rewarded with the title USJF Elite Coach, which is valid for 2 years.

The test will be of a True/False and/or Multiple Choice question format, from the 2nd Edition, Training for Competition, Judo Coaching Strategy and the Science for Success by Professor Hayward Nishioka. You must score 90% or higher to acquire your Elite Coach Certification.

Choose your pathway for Re-Certification

Coaching Communication Style

  • Lesson – Tricks of the Trade: Tricks of the trade are really suggestions that are used to enhance learning when trying to get your points across. 
  • Lesson – Words that Count!: The following words are used in USJF coaching and were selected to help us to look at coaching our athletes in a more systematic manner. First let’s look at how coaching usually occurs.

Strategic Planning

  • Lesson – Strategy vs Tactics: In forming a strategy for success we need to first see what we need to improve on first, and what we are lacking, what we need to build up.
  • Lesson – One Strategic Plan: Sample Year: You have a year to get your athlete ready. He wants to compete in the Senior National Championships and place high. What’s your plan to get there?


Upon successful completion of the “Online Test”, you will have the opportunity to download your USJF Elite Coach Certificate.

The USJF Elite Coach Re – certification, valid for 2 years: Cost – $75.00

Candidate Requirements; Please forward your information to the USJF National Office.

  • Membership in United States Judo Federation
  • Complete Background Check, “Click Here”
  • Safe Sport
  • CDC Concussion Training
  • Candidate must show proof of rank: Sankyu or Higher
  • Minimum age 16 years old.

Please complete the Online Registration for USJF Coach Re-certification. Upon submission, the USJF National Office will contact you confirming your registration and payment of $75.00

Access Certification Course

To access any Certification Course you must first:

  1. Register for the Certification Course of your Choice
  2. You will receive email authorization from the USJF National Office Administrator
  3. Login to access USJF Coach Re-Certification Courses

Thank you for becoming a Judo Professional

Background Screen

Background Screening 

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CDC Concussion - Headsup

As a leader in the education of Judo, the USJF has been monitoring and working with experts regarding the provision of improving the safety and security of all our members and member clubs.


SafeSport training & certification through the U.S. Center for SafeSport (USCSS) is now available. 

USJF National Coach Re-Certification Registration

To register for the certification, please be prepared to upload the following files:

  • 2 Inch Head Shot for ID Badge
  • USJF Safesport
  • SafeSport Certificate: Emotional and Physical Misconduct
  • SafeSport Certificate: Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
  • SafeSport Certificate: Mandatory Reporting
  • CDC Concussion Certificate