United States Judo Federation

National Coach Certification Program


Chapter Topic:

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Chapter: What is Coaching?

Chapter: Mapping Out a Strategy

Chapter: Advance Judo Tactics

Chapter: A family of techniques

chapter: video scouting for judo

chapter: communicating with your competitor

chapter: cardiovascular preparedness

chapter: resistance training

chapter: weight management for judo

chapter: smoothing over the bumps and bruises

chapter: risk management

Hayward Nishioka, 8th Degree Black Belt

Judo, HEART and SOUL

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Master Instructor: Resourse site "Click Here" (password protected)


John Balano, M.A.

City College of San Francisco Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

"Strength and Conditioning and Injury Prevention for the sport of Judo"

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Jose Bonilla, A.T.C

City College of San Francisco Certified Athletic Trainer

"Thumb Ladder Taping Video"

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